House of grace home for girls

Kumasi, Ghana

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The Kumasi Collective is thoughtfully designed to spark a sense of wonder by celebrating people who pour their passion into each product using native color palettes, patterns and time honored techniques throughout weaver villages in the heart of Kumasi. 


We partnered with Global Servants in Saving Little Girls for Big Destinies at House of Grace Ghana. Global Servants has established 31 churches in West Africa, and from these churches, the pastors rescue orphans from the villages and bring them to House of grace. 

House of Grace Ghana is a small home for girls with 10 young residents that provides safe housing, tender loving modeled by that of Jesus, and the opportunity to attend school and continue education. Their hope for every girl is to become a self-sufficient, educated, woman of God.

January 2018, our team served on site at the Global Servants headquarters located in the Anwomasso suburb of Kumasi. There in the walled compound is a church, nursery/daycare, elementary school, middle school, and House of Grace home for girls where we spent time volunteering and building relationships through support, encouragement, and mentorship. 

10% of our first exclusively curated collective of artisan made and globally inspired apparel and apartment goods for Him, Her, and Home is donated towards providing chicken, fish and rice to the girls at House of Grace Ghana.


Little girls

Big Destinies

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