Reaching out orphanage ministries

San Pedro, Honduras

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The San Pedro Collective is thoughtfully designed to spark a sense of wonder by celebrating people who pour their passion into each product using native color palettes, patterns and time honored techniques throughout village markets in San Pedro Sula, Honduras,


We partnered with Reach Out Orphanage Ministries in Bringing Hope to Home in San Pedro, Honduras through HOPE Camps. 

ROOM is an organization committed to empowering and equipping orphanages worldwide by providing care and meeting basic needs, partnering with day programs like daycares and day centers to help keep children off the streets, and working with local government child protection services to help with emergency, short-term and long-term placements. 

In 2019, one team collaborated with ROOM to put together a week long creative arts HOPE Camp for the children of local orphanages; Hogar Enmanuel, Yo Quiero Ser, Hogar Santidad, Proñino, and Crecer with the hope of awakening the creative, speaking into the artist, and challenging the dreamer inside each of them.

10% of The San Pedro Collective is donated to ROOM. To view a list of services they provide and the homes/ programs they partner with click here →


Bringing HOPE to home